A heart centered approach to a dancers well being

Focused discipline and perfect technique are good, but what about happiness, joy, and artistic expression? All of which are what elevate and make a dancer truly exceptional! I created the MIndfulness for Dancers Series to support a dancer’s mental and emotional well-being and the fullest expression of their creative and artistic self. It is through the book, video series, and teaching syllabus that I have woven my passion for the unseen world of our bodies subtle energy pathways, which are the  source of inspiration, creativity, and artistry. As an intuitive life coach, healer and former professional dancer, my wish is to empower and transform dancer’s lives through a heart centered language of an artist.


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Discover how holistic tools can help you shift from a 'pressured mindset' to a 'balanced-empowered mindset' taking your experience of dancing to a whole new level

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Corinne Haas


Intuitive coach and healer based in San Francisco, Corinne (Cory) has focused her private practice on empowering women to transform and grow through her love, curiosity, and study of the healing arts.

As a former dancer with Alonzo King LINES Ballet, she created Mindfulness for Dancers to address the importance of self care and personal empowerment through integrative holistic tools.

What people are saying 


"Corinne has masterfully articulated ideas that are simple, yet hard to put into words. She offers a clear pathway for growth, connecting the dots between the work done in the studio and the essential work that each dancer must do on their own. This is the work that makes an artist truly radiant. "





Princess Grace Award Winner and Alonzo King LINES Ballet Master


"This video series is excellent! The tone and pace are so very warm and inviting, yet clear and informative at the same time. They are succinct enough to be digestible without losing the depth. They are so great that I would rather use these than create my own resources. I love the idea that whilst I am facilitating, I can also be a participant using the videos and then share my subjective/ soma experiences too which may help facilitate discussion."



Head of Curriculum & Quality: Performing Arts Dundee & Angus College, Scotland 

“Mindfulness for Dancers Course was a true gift that I was able to experience and it helped me grow as both a dancer and a person. [...] Mindfulness taught me how to let go of negative energy and instead, focus on how I can make myself a happier, more positive dancer, while learning how to take care of myself and always tune into my body. The class made me feel more powerful, expansive, and confident, and to have the idea that our minds can lead us to endless possibilities. [...] I am forever grateful for the experience and the class will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you so much!”


Dancer: Marin Ballet

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