Mindfulness for Dancers

Written by Corinne Haas

Mindfulness for Dancers focuses on mindfulness tools that can bridge the gap between the drive to be good at dance and the ability to love ourselves unconditionally.

The dance world is a rigorous environment that requires a strict focus at an early age. Drawing on her own experience as a professional dancer, Corinne Haas offers a counterbalance to the perfectionism, negative self-talk, and debilitating self-image all too often cultivated in the dance studio alongside technique. Haas knows firsthand how the beauty that resides in us can get lost in the constant push to be better.

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"Excellent read. Finally someone has the courage to expose the mind+body+spirit connection void in the dance world! Author Corinne Haas writes in a stripped-down style that makes the emotionally-fraught and complicated topic of dancer self-care simple and actionable. She bravely suggests shifting from discipline & rigor to artistry & deeper expression, offering thoughtful "how-to" exercises along the way. A valuable road map for any bunhead—current or recovering. Highly recommend!"


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"Exactly what I was needing and looking for! This is more than a book on mindfulness. The intro brings you right into the authors life as a dancer immediately making you feel safe and loved on your own journey as a dancer. The exercises are simple, yet powerful and easy to begin working with inside the studio and out. It has been helpful as a daily reminder of kindness toward myself. Love this book!"



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“It’s about time for this book. Corinne has the caring, insight, experience, and perspective to have given us something that works.”





Artistic Director of Trey McIntyre Projects & FLTPK