Mindfulness for Dancers Syllabus

The syllabus is a unique blending of your knowledge and wisdom woven directly into the teaching platform. This element is what makes it so inspiring and fun to teach!

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The Course Syllabus includes:

Content for each week based on the energy pathways: Root, Core, Heart, and Crown.

  • ROOT:  rest, rejuvenation, grounding.
  • CORE:  empowerment, choice, goal setting.
  • HEART:  self-love, critic and appreciator awareness.
  • CROWN:  expansion, visualization, artistry.
  • Chapter Inquiries to ask your students, guided imagery, breathwork, content to inspire the space for deeper reflection and sharing specifically designed to support a dancer's life.

This syllabus is for Dance Teachers, Dance Coaches, University Dance Programs, Summer Intensives, Mentorship Groups, Former Professional Dancers with a background in mind/body connection (Somatic Practices, Feldenkrais Method, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Method, Alexander Technique, Yoga Instructors) And MANY more!


Let's Begin


“Over the five weeks that we spent discussing the class concepts such as the root, the core, the heart, and the crown, as a teacher, I got to dive deeper and explore a part of myself that I rarely looked into before. It was such an insightful opportunity and I carry what I've learned from it everywhere I go.”

“The Mindfulness for Dancers class was inspiring and very beneficial! In my everyday life I suffer with anxiety and have received a bunch of generic tools to deal with anxiety in therapy, but a lot of my issues are comparison and perfectionism issues toward ballet. That is why this class was amazing. I have my journal full of so many new tools and sayings that are truly fantastic and that are very helpful to look at if I need a boost of energy!


“The Mindfulness for Dancers Book and Syllabus resonated so much with a few students that they even organized their own self care class for the younger students in the school- all inspired by MFD! I am grateful to be involved in this shift within the dance community. ”



“Ahh your introduction video was so lovely! The students were so engaged with the class, the first one went so well. “

"Our well-being matters and seeing the next generation of dancers embrace this is a true gift. Especially during this time, I have already been witnessing students advocate for themselves and their needs in a new way. This alone has absolutely made our work together so much more enriched and nourishing. I can’t recommend teaching or bringing Mindfulness for Dancers to your community enough."