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The Book, Video Series, and Syllabus are a great way to start the journey! Discover and transform your artistic expression and wellbeing through a heart centered connection to the mind and body. Ready to receive a few new tools, but not ready to jump in completely, try out our free resources from some wonderful teachers, choreographers, specialists within the industry.

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Mindfulness for Dancers: Syllabus 


The idea behind the syllabus is a blending of your knowledge and wisdom woven directly into the teaching platform. It is what makes it so good!



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Mindfulness for Dancers: Video Series


Here's my personal invitation to learn the intuitive heart centered language of the body to enhance your walk as a dancer and artist! 



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Mindfulness for Dancers: Book 


Mindfulness for Dancers focuses on mindfulness tools that can bridge the gap between the drive to be good at dance and the ability to love ourselves unconditionally.


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