Mindfulness for Dancers Video Series



Here's my personal invitation to learn the heart centered language of the body to enhance your artistic expression and well-being as a dancer and artist! 

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Dancers, creatives, artists, who would define themselves as  sensitive, empathic, intuitive, perfectionistic, and curious to learn more about the energy pathways of the body this series is for you!

Let's Begin


“Corinne Haas has masterfully articulated ideas that are simple, yet hard to put into words. She offers a clear pathway for growth, connecting the dots between the work done in the studio and the essential work that each dancer must do on their own. This is the work that makes an artist truly radiant. ”



“Surprisingly the Mindfulness for Dancers information links to their work so well! We explored well being and somatic practice (yoga and Pilates), so it was fitting. Also they can take it with them and adapt if for themselves”


“The videos are a dream! We all love your voice”

"Overall, these are excellent! The tone and pace are so very warm and inviting, yet clear and informative at the same time. They are succinct enough to be digestible without losing the depth. They are so great that I would rather use these than create my own resources. I love the idea that whilst I am facilitating, I can also be a participant using the videos and then share my subjective/ soma experiences too which may help facilitate discussion."